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Organization Turns Your Techno-Procrastinator Into A Productive Writer

Creating More organization as a writer is not the sign of a sick mind but a mastermind. The right brain life is not orderly but the right brain branding lifestyle demands that you be better, do more, and become more. So preserve your right to live creatively but stay open minded to change that can improve your life and provide a happier ride.


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If you had to evacuate from your house, what treasured valuables would you take? What would you risk leaving behind? I've been fortunate, compared to many who have suffered from recent thunderstorm and tornado outbreaks. In the past, a hurricane forced me to walk away from where I live, uncertain of the destruction I’d find upon returning. Organization may not help in the moments before a tornado but if you have time, it does make it easier to scoop up the most crucial business material that would keep you functioning, if the worse case scenario happened. Better to invest in the effort when you're not under pressure, especially life and death kind.


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