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5 Reasons Artists Need To STOP Resisting Repurposing Your Work

As a right-brain soul, originality is everything, so it may sound crazy but I’ve been resisting repurposing content. See, I had this wild notion that viewers might be turned off by seeing the same content in more than one place even if it was in multiple forms.   Twitter button cooking

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I saw this tactic as copying, which is an evil 7 letter word. If a visitor landed on my blog and read my posts then traveled onto Amazon and saw a collection of them for sale or read an Ezine article, only to stumble upon an audio or video containing the same information, wouldn’t it seem like I wasn’t delivering unique content?


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Now, after some serious cyber voyeurism of the experts who have more years in the internet trenches than I do, I’ve changed my perception. Delivering my art and message across various mediums empowers people to receive information in their own way, on the platform of their choice. Ecommerce opens up another exciting avenue for artists to Create More and share your work on a variety of products.

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Here are 5 reasons you need to get over it and start re-purposing:


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Bird Photos And Poem: When Wild Birds Become Feathered Friends

Welcoming birds into your yard is a labor of love and a lesson in humility. Agile and adaptable, I'm in awe of how they forge through life with amazing ability.


Baby thrashers first cranberry


Faced with humans cutting trees that send nests crashing to the ground, or the force of Mother Nature blowing their homes down.


Mother robin in her nest


Crows gobble up eggs as soon as they are laid.

Mom and dad fight to defend each clutch, but still a high price is paid.


Mockingbird posing between songs


From the mockingbird that choruses all night long,


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