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Use Changing Seasons To Develop And Organize Blog Posts


Organization is a forced trait to a creative mind but to enjoy and prosper from your natural artistic talents you do need to bring order into your life and business.


To The Writer Who Is Also An Artist




If you are a writer who divides your right-brain focus between words, whisks, wildlife art and wet paint brushes, you understand the daily challenge of not being able to choose one artistic desire over another. You are pulled in multiple directions and closing any one of those roads would stifle your creativity, threaten your entrepreneurial mission, and leave you feeling like something is missing.


You can keep files and lists of ventures to pursue in the future but eventually you realize that time is too limited to live any life but the one that makes your heart sing to a steady beat...Now!


How To  Gain One Year Of Blog Posts


I've done the,  notebook for each blog or subject, plastered the desk and walls with sticky notes, and continue to keep file folders filled with post ideas.


IMG_3305 notebooks


All have merit. Use whatever system works for you. One beneficial strategy I like is arranging your blog posts according to the change in seasons. Sketching out your writing in this way gives your blog topics structure and relevance so you always have an agenda for what's next.


Plan according to the weather, educational trends, holidays, special events, seasonal interests, and hobbies. For example:


1.  Do have smart climate related tips?

2.  Are you a nature lover?

3.  Do you like to garden?

4.  Maybe you're taking a fall vacation?

5.  Love holiday baking?

6.  Is your business centered around Christmas sales?

7.  How can you make a product launch more successful by scheduling it for a particular time of the year?


You can start today without having to wait for the beginning of a year. I have spring, summer, fall and winter to work with. Adapt for your area's weather. This method softens the pressure of scheduling, makes planning fun and gives you something to look forward to.   Let's begin with fall!



Fall pic 1


Bake up some thank you love for your clients. It's a time to shift your focus to holiday book sales and balancing time with friends and family.


Fall And Holiday Blog Topic Ideas


1.  How to prioritize writing around the craziness.

2.  A plan for wrapping up your year that helps your audience with theirs.

3.  Writing makes a fantastic homemade gift, especially of you pen poetry.

4.  Use your books as gifts.



Pine needles with ice for website homepage


At the beginning of the year we're recovering from the holiday madness and excited to embark on a fresh year full of possibilities. Cozy fireplaces and comfort food coincide nicely with creative writing.


Winter Blog Topic Ideas


1.  Writing goals - put an original spin on this concept.

2.  The changes you're going to make from the previous year.

3.  What books do you want to write throughout the year?

4.  Creative planning for blog posts.




In spring the birds begin to sing, you start to emerge from your cold weather cocoon. As the days stretch longer, you feel more productive. Infuse this surge of energy into new writing ideas and your profits will blossom along with the spring flowers.


Spring Blog Topic Ideas


 1.  Gardening, herbs, vegetables. What are you planting?

2.  Nature - relate the transition from winter to spring into your own life.

3.  Spring cleaning your writing space or creating a new one.



Honeybee on red penta plant


Life lightens up. You have your choice of outdoor writing locations. Nature is so inspiring and entertaining. Head outside with a notebook. Relax, breathe, and absorb some vitamin D. I see July as a turning point. Look  back on the year and forward to fall (my favorite season).


1.  Halftime of the year.  How's your progress so far?

2.  Listen to conversations around you. I'm not encouraging eves dropping but observing people interacting with each other can give you a new idea or an add on to an existing post.

3.  Like to cook? What nourishes your inner scribe?


Here you have at least one year's worth of blog post topic ideas! I've given you the initial brainstorm. Take your favorites, tweak them to portray your personality, and adapt each one to meet your reader's expectations.


I love hearing from my readers! Do you like this method of developing and organizing blog posts? Please share in the comments below which topics you try and how it works for you.


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How To Use A Creative Economy To Build The Lifestyle Of An Artisticpreneur

What does it mean to be an artisticpreneur?


Being an artist is complex, infinite, and non-negotiable. People, usually with the best of intentions, will coax you into settling for normal, But the craving to create is not quieted.

Fall pic 2


It rumbles from deep in your soul like hunger from the pit of your stomach. The only way to quench the need is to feed your inner artist with freedom and the fierceness to shake off criticism and judgemental attitudes, so you can forge ahead towards the only life that will fulfill you.

Inspire audience clipboard copy


You are not tamed or tied to a strict daily schedule, where your mind competes for time between what you want to do and what you must do. Oh, the restlessness and boredom that sets in. Working for others does help you develop the will to thrive on your own terms because that alternative becomes unbearable and stifles your creative soul. 


Living the creative life in bits and pieces around other commitments can satisfy you temporarily. But when you're able to free yourself from the stress of job confinement and squelch the conflict between your right and left brain, possibilities open up and you can create again. 


It's so refreshing to walk back into your home office and re-familiarize yourself with what you were in the middle of working on. Propel yourself back into acting on the plans you made with a, 'this is my do or die moment' attitude. Resolve to make this time different, better than ever before!


Health pic copy


Art is a natural part of my life. Feeding and caring for wildlife, cooking a meal, baking, capturing those times with photography and video, and then expressing the feelings, emotions, and stories in images and words. You draw inspiration and ideas from ordinary days. An amusing wildlife moment begs to be caught on camera.


2 orange sulphur butterflies on hibiscus


A scrumptious dinner beckons a repeat performance with a placement on the blogging stage. Unlimited creativity is vital for an artist. You do not need to choose one original endeavor over another! It's okay to multi-task. You're going to be amazing, do phenomenal things, and accomplish your dreams!


Why did I develop The Queens Empire blog and the Create More Movement?


The Queens Empire site is a business hub. A home for the Queens. A house for our products. A haven for artists to connect and collaborate!


Create More


I am great at creating content. I have books full of words and quotes. Drawers full of folders that contain ideas for more books. Photo CD's, envelopes of pictures and negatives...yes, I mean 35 millimeter film :) I also have an iphone packed with media! Recipes to try for every season paired with delicious wine. There are fall beers and cozy cocktails awaiting their turn in the test kitchen. Ideas and creating are the first steps, and probably the easiest, for many artists.


Coconut chili peartini pic




Creating without connecting means no one sees your work. This doesn't mean sign up for every social media site you see. Yes, sales is a numbers game but you will waste a lot of precious time weeding through the wrong people in order to reach the right ones. You are not attempting to rob from creation time, just compliment and advance the effort with mutually beneficial connections.




If you do not collaborate, you will limit your forward and upward mobility. How and where you portray your personality on the web is important. A brand identity that's fun and flexible but consistent (not an easy or automatic right-brain concept) helps to promote your story. Be open to new opportunities that take your creative and business goals to the next level.


How do you use your abundance of content, gain the best exposure for your work, and partner with a creative and innovative team?


Selling products online with my original designs printed on them is not an avenue I'd considered until recently.  Ecommerce sites like Gearbubble and Redbubble that perform the heavy lifting of online shop, printing, and shipping provide the perfect creative economy for artists. Companies like these advocate for the independent artist, designer, and small business owner who want to dive into the large pool of ecommerce, previously reserved for large companies that could invest substantial sums of money and house big inventories.


It's very exciting to see my stores with big eye catching banners and products with my own artwork on them for purchase! Creating a website and beginning an ecommerce business at the same time with no html experience, oh boy, what a challenge. I'll be posting on my method for accomplishing this, things I learned along the way, and what I'd do differently next time. It was a monster task because I was branding the website/blog and stores in a consistent theme. That's why it deserves its own post. I think it's going to be a rewarding adventure and a chance to connect with other artists and customers. Check out my stores here, QueensVoice  TipsyCulinaryQueen  ShutterQueenink 


From the navigation at the top you can visit each Queens page, products (still being developed) and read about my books as well!


Belief graphic


So I launch into the madness of ecommerce sales. Throw myself heart and soul into the mobs of other artists vying for a piece of the profitable online pie! If you're searching for a niche market method to lend longevity to your words, images, and artwork, look into this burgeoning opportunity! Subscribe, so you receive updates on the process, my progress, lessons learned along the journey, and results.


The Queens Empire is a champion for artists. We'll prove that you can live out of your right brain, love your life, and conquer the challenge of being both an artist and a business person to develop a winning and wealthy artisticprenurial spirit!


Artists deserve a movement that is driven to Create More! We're excited to share posts on writing, cooking, photography, and painting, along with tips, tricks, trials, tribulations, and triumphs of living the artisticpreneurial lifestyle.


I'd love to hear all about your experiences, your artistic past, future path, and how you've benefited from a creative economy.

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